About ME

Who is joe?

Does anyone actually enjoy writing their own bio? I'm currently a designer at COMOTO but recently graduated from SCAD Atlanta with a BFA in graphic design. Once upon a time I was a student athlete that earned a BA in in Television Producing with a photography minor that I always wished was my major. I'm a proud Eagle Scout and have been teaching or performing marching percussion for the last 12 years. While some fit better than others it's safe to say I wear many hats.


The newest cap in my feather. True story; When I got my first in house photo job in 2016 I told the interviewer (and founder) that I hated the website. I couldn't fix it let alone articulate why and that drove me nuts. It ended up being the spark that started my design journey and I've fallen in love with every step of the way. 


I've been shooting professionally for the better part of a decade with clients like Barbour Int'l and Tyler Perry Studios. My work has been published in several magazines and a handful of gallery exhibitions.

Portrait by Steve West.


Anything with an engine really. I got bit by the motorcycling bug in 2015 and have never looked back. Mom hates it. Motorcycles helped provide my breakthrough into the dreaded life after college and the community surrounding bikes has been more supportive than I could ever imagine.